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So, I'm not really into politics, but this is starting to get interesting. First of all, I'm sure everyone knows Obama didn't pick Clinton for running mate, but Biden. I must confess, I know even less about Biden, than I know about Obama. But what I read, he's supposed to help Obama in his weak areas, such as foreign politics. But then, McCain made his choice too, and I guess it was surprice for most of people, including the VP candidate herself. Alaska governor Palin.

I guess the strategy is so visible, everyone should understand. Many women (and some men too I guess) who were hoping for Hillary to be the candidate, are not happy about Obama's nomination. That's where Palin comes into play. She will gather the votes from those unsatisfied Hillary supporters, and help McCain for victory. It's such shameless tactic, I assumed the polls would skyrocket in favor for Obama. But no, Obama and McCain seem to be back to back around 45-46% range.

Then I read about Sarah Palin's son, Trig. It's amazing story, and I'm sure you can easily find several of those in the internet. Many of them claim, that Trig is not actually son of the vice president candidate, but her daughter. Her daughter Bristol Palin is currently 17 years old, and currently pregnant. I can't say the stories couldn't be true, but as always, the opponents try to smear the image of the other side. Nothing new in politics.

But I have a hunch it might actually be true. Why? Because, if someone claimed I'm lying about me being a father to a child, and I was in such high profile position, as she is currently, what would I do? Of course, I would call big TV news channels to join me, as I go to some national credited institute for DNA testing. After the result from the test, there's no dispute who is the real parent.

But so far, I haven't heard if Palin was planning to go for DNA testing, and in my opinion, that is the best proof. Obama said in one of his speech, that media should leave Palin's family out. I agree, but Sarah Palin's relation to Trig, and claims about her lying, are about Sarah Palin, not about her family. Right?

Then there is the case about "Bridge to nowhere". Google it if you don't know it. And also the fired trooper case. Google it. I say, I must wonder if McCain new all these, when he selected her as VP candidate. She was a high risk option anyway, but did he really know how high?

And with all these mess with Palin, I was expecting the polls to be clear for Obama's victory. I guess I'm quite lousy at betting, latest poll at CNN (Sep 11th 2008) indicate McCain is leading by 1%, with numbers 46-45 in favor for McCain. I don't know why. Someone please tell me.

I also watched interview of Matt Damon, by Associated Press. He makes several good points in there. One of the biggest things in there is, that as McCain is somewhat old for a candidate, there's a good chance he cannot serve his term for the total 4 years. In that case, Palin would become the president. Damon didn't seem to be too happy about that possibility.

Today I also read news, than in some county, a republican official was making a comment, that people who have their homes foreclosured, don't get to vote. I had to read it few times before I could believe it. Is this democracy? Sounds like demo-crazy to me. So if someone lost his job, and his house went for foreclosure, he cannot vote. Riiiiiight. On top of that, the demographics on that area for people with foreclosure, majority of them were African-American. Why I'm not surpriced.

People, please vote for Obama. Ok? Don't make me beg.