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Yeah. So much has happenend since last time. Life starts to feel quite nice here, the apartment is mostly furnished, which is nice. I'm still missing bookshelfs, so quite a lot of my stuff is just lying around. I've been trying to search from the Craigslist for some bookshelves, but either I find those which are butt-ugly, or they cost like diamonds. I've also tried to search some local stores, but at least those I've visited don't have such I would like enough. Maybe I have to visit Ikea again. Fortunately I now have my projector, screen and home theater system hooked up, so I can watch movies with 92" screen and good sounds, so who cares about bookshelves?

I must mention one game that has really good innovation in it. It's a guitar game for Playstation, Guitar Hero. It's like the dance games you've seen at the malls, there's notes approaching and you have to hit the correct key at correct moment to make good music. If you don't hit the correct key, it will be heard instantly in the song. Youtube has really funny video where 2 guys fool around with the game playing as duo. Few nights after I got this game, my fingers were hurting from too much playing, it's that good.

On June, I visited the Seattle Zoo. They had really lot of animals there, and it was nice day going around. You can find many pictures here. They had almost any imaginable animal living there. Seeing some hippoes always reminds me of the USPS guide for how to pack a hippo for moving. They also had a very nice raptor show. In the beginning of the show, the instructor asked from audience "How many of you thought raptors are dinosaurs?". They were birds. The show was great, as they released the birds and they were taught to fly and hunt as guided by the instructor.

During July I visited Finland for 2 weeks. It was really nice, the weather was warm for Finnish weather, and I spent quite a lot of time hanging out with my friends. It was really great to see them all, and quite many of the evenings were spent around the walking district in Oulu at the bars and clubs chatting with friends and having some beers. I also tried to wrap up the stuff at my apartment, so that I could sell or rent it. Having too much fun with friends means that it's not ready yet.

 Safeco Field
I've been quite busy also here. I visited a whale watching tour. It was somewhat expensive trip, but worth every buck. We saw several Orcas, and some of them came right next to the ship, and few of them dove under the ship. On one Friday evening, we went to a fancy country club, called Cowgirls, Inc. If you've seen the movie Coyote Ugly, you get some idea, but you've seen nothing yet. I also went for the first time in my life to a baseball game. The Seattle Mariners were playing against Toronto Blue Jays. Although I'm not that much into watching sports, I must say that the atmosphere was really nice, and after a while I was cheering as loud as the fans.