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So long, and thanks for all the fish

So, this seems to be my last post from this country. I have a new contract which leads me to Illinois, USA. My new work place is about 30 minutes NW from Chicago. I'm looking forward to the new challenges there. As looking back my time here, well.... it was nice to see foreign office of Elektrobit, and also this very beautiful country. On the other hand, I think 6 months is too short time for a foreign contract. You just have time to settle in and get to know all the works, and then you're off to another place. If you ask me would I do it again, I still think I would.

One thing which surely was important about these 6 months, was to get experience from many issues, both work and life overall. Also now being through one expat contract, it helped me to know which things to focus in the new contract. I'm sure there will be new issues in the Chicago for sure which I couldn't predict beforehand. I hope my experiences here in Switzerland help me to cope with the new issues which might arise.

If you didn't know, all Finnish males are crazy about cars. Especially they are mad about the car taxes in Finland which keep the prices sky high. If you don't believe me, visit some website which sell second hand cars. For example Nettiauto has quite good selection. Under the text "pikahaku", put some details about a car, and be amazed. However, there are some good aspects from the high tax, and I think it shouldn't be removed just like that. I have several good suggestions how to improve it without the state losing too much income. I think they wouldn't listen to me, but I think they should.

So when Finnish males go abroad, they want to buy cheap cars. I have some models in my mind, which I'm planning to test drive, although I want to decide after the test drive as the comfortability of driving is one of the most important factors with the car. One which I think I might like, is the Mustang, the red one is just super, isn't it? I know, it's still a Ford, but at least it's a Ford with style. Another, which is tempting because of the price difference compared to the sales price in Finland, is the Chrysler 300C. That link leads to the special version, SRT-8, but I think I could settle with the "basic" version with 5.7L V-8 hemi-engine, 340HP and 4-wheel drive. The sales price in Finland compared to the price in the States is about three (3) fold. Can you imagine? Will be seen if I buy any of those. Maybe I settle in to some compact family car, like Ford Focus. Still, it's nice to have some dreams, and maybe if the dreams come close enough, I might try to catch them.

I must say that many songs are almost too good to be true. I think what is good, depends on the state of your mind. As going through some changes, there's two that are just something I don't know how to describe. I hope The Rasmus don't mind me putting some text from their song. Another one is from George Michael, Praying for Time. Man, they are great, you know.

Once upon a time we used to burn candles
We had a place to call a home
The dream that we lived
was better than divine
Everyday was like a gift
Once upon a time

-- Rasmus : Sail Away