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Day 7: October 28th 2008 Tuesday

  Tadami dam
After good sleep, I got up and went for breakfast. The weather still seemed really changeable, but I got out and started to head out to the dam, which was mile or two upstream. The scenery was nice and air was fresh, but there was rain looming. As I reached the dam, it started to rain a bit, but it lasted only for about 15 minutes, and the sky turned soon quite clear. Looking around for a while, I started to follow another road back to Tadami. Again it started to rain. I was passing one house, from where a woman had just came up. As she noticed me walking in the rain, she went to get an umbrella, and brought it for me. That was so nice.

After I got back to the ryokan, I took small nap. Somehow I was feeling a bit tired, on the other hand, I'm not that used to go out for some 3 hour walks. Having slept for some time, I got up and went out again. This time I had only short walk, as dusk was already approaching. Back at the ryokan, I was served again typical Japanese dinner. During the dinner, I chatted with another man, who was staying there. In general, people seemed to be curious about Finland, and after talking a while with this guy, we exchanged email addresses. Couple of days later he sent me email to say hi.

After dinner, I took nice relaxing bath, and then it was time for bed. The coming morning I was supposed to wake up early, as I was bound to Kyoto. And as when coming to Tadami, there weren't too many trains each day, so I didn't want to miss the one I had planned to take.