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Day 2: October 23th 2008 Thursday
Narita, Tokyo, Chofu and Shinjuku

  At a love hotel!
After about 10 hours in the plane, we landed at the Narita international airport. The immigration and customs went really smoothly, and I got stamp on my passport stating that I can stay in the county up to 90 days. After getting our luggage, we headed out. On the way, I stopped at a currency exchange booth to change some dollars into yen, and also there was travel agency booth downstairs, that provided me with the pre-purchased JR all access pass, that would let me ride all the JR rides for free, for 3 weeks time period. Meanwhile, Miki bought us bus tickets to Chofu, as that was the most convenient method getting to where we were heading.

After short wait, the bus arrived and we jumped in. Too bad the weather was quite cloudy, so I wasn't able to see too much scenery. Chofu was on the other side of Tokyo, so it took more than 2 hours to get there. Even with long flight behind us, I wasn't feeling sleepy. I wanted to catch as much of the scenery as possible. In Chofu, we stopped briefly to say hi to Miki's mom and sister. It was already late, so we leaved the luggage in Chofu, and headed out towards Shinjuku.

Shinjuku is very busy district of Tokyo. They have lot of entertainment, so it's good place to go, as we were planning to stay overnight at a love hotel. It's a nice name for hourly rated hotel, although they have special rates for over night stays. As we were walking from the Shinjuku station, we stopped at a convenience store to get some snack, and then started looking for suitable hotel. After passing few, one of them seemed to be fine for us, so we walked in. At the check in, no papers, no nothing. Just hand out the money, and receive key. That's it.

The room wasn't super spacious. Most of the floor space was taken by a big bed. On the wall was a big screen TV, which was hooked up with a game console and karaoke equipment. Bathroom was nice and had a big bath tub. Inside one of the closets, there was a vending machine for toys, to make your night go more pleasantly. So funny.