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Day 19: November 9th 2008 Sunday
Tokyo, Harajuku, Ikebukuro

  Shrine at Harajuku
For a Sunday in Tokyo, my plan was to check the cosplay phenomena in Harajuku. Unfortunately, it was raining a little bit, so we thought it wouldn't be worth it to go check there. Se we just decided to hang around and relax. We took train to Chofu for short visit there, and then back to the Sunshine City. Later the day, we went to the kaitenzushi we had visited earlier.

This time we ate so much. After having few normal rounds of sushi, I started to experiment more exotic fishes. First I tried sea urchin (uni), then raw whale (kujira), slamon rye (ikura) and shellfish (awabi). For all the sushi I've tried, most have been good, some just ok. But sea urchin was bad. I ate both pieces, but it wasn't good. I was told later that fresh sea urchin in Japan is supposed to be good, so I'm not sure if it wasn't that fresh, or maybe it is acquired taste, so I needed more practice.

Afterwards we walked around the Sunshine City, and went for movie. Fortunately they have both dubbed versions, and also the orginal. My Japanese is not yet good enough, that I could follow movie just by listening the dialog.