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Day 18: November 8th 2008 Saturday

  Earthquake simulator
Again we slept late. Unfortunately this time I was feeling a bit down by the drinks the previous night. Some juice, coffee and chips helped we wake up, and we got out. One of the things I was hoping to experience, was an earthquake. I had never experienced even tiny one, not in Seattle nor not during my trip in Japan. About 20 minutes from Tokyo there was an earthquake museum, which had simulator room. This sounded interesting, so we took train there.

The place wasn't that much for most parts, but the earthquake simulator was nice. They seat you on the floor of a room, which is part of the simulator. Then the operator starts the system, and it shakes you at 4.0 scale. Then 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0. The last two were quite strong, and although I enjoyed the experience, I can understand it can be quite frightening when you get a real one. After running the scales, the operator initiated replicas of two real major earthquakes that have hit Japan.

As we returned back to Ikebukuro, we started searching for a sushi restaurant. One corner we found nice and cozy sushi bar. It was really small, tiny room with counter in the middle. Behind the counter was chef and waiter, other side of counter maybe 8 seats. We ate there for a while and had few drinks. The atmosphere was nice and warm, although the tab was quite steep compared to a belt sushi.