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Day 14: November 4th 2008 Tuesday
Kasumi, Tokyo, Ootsuka, Ikebukuro

After eating the breakfast, I started to pack my stuff. Kasumi was also quite small town, so there wasn't too many trains departing. As I was leaving the minshuku, the staff brought me bag of fruits. Again nice hospitality from the Japanese people. After brief walk, I was back to the Kasumi train station, and took train to Tokyo via Kyoto.

As I came to Tokyo, I transferred to Yamanote-line, and rode to Ootsuka. We had booked a weekly mansion between Ootsuka and Ikebukuro. About 5 minutes from the Ootsuka station, we found the place. We got nice, although small room from 11th floor. Close from the apartment there was area called Sunshine City. It's entertainment area with lot of activity and restaurants, so we headed there for food. We both were craving for sushi. The main street didn't seem to have one, so we took one small alley. Luckily, there was kaitenzushi place, so we went in. It was quite nice place, and still it was only 130 yen for a plate. After eating, we went around the Sunshine City for a while, and then returned back to the apartment.

One of the places I still wanted to see, was the Mt. Fuji. It should be visited at best possible weather, as there's not much to see on a cloudy day. We checked the weather forecast, and the best weather was for the next day, so we decided to take a bus there in the morning. Unluckily, the last bus to go up the Fuji stopped service two days earlier, as the season was over. But there was regular bus service to one nearby city, and from that city, there was another bus line up the Fuji.