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Day 13: November 3rd 2008 Monday
Hiroshima, Kasumi

  Japan Sea by Kasumi
It was time for my last stop before returning back to Tokyo. I had planned to stop at the small fishing village by the Japan Sea. Kasumi has population of about 13 thousand, and it's located north-west from Kyoto. After few train transfers, I reach the town around midday. After brief walk I reach the minshuku, certain type of Japanese inn.

The lady at the door was puzzled for a while, when I asked if it was Ishida-minshuku. She responded yes, and then paused for a while as to give me chance to continue. After few seconds, she understood I was looking for this place, and then she said that I must be the Finnish guy who had reservation. The minshuku was a small inn with few rooms, and apparently run by the Ishida-family.

After I got my stuff up the room, I decided to go out for a walk. The shore was some 10 minutes away, and soon I reached the sea. The wind was quite strong, and the waves were beating the shore. I walked around the piers for a while, and went to check the lighthouses at the end of the piers.

From the piers, I took a road leading on top of the nearby hills. On the way, there was kindergarten with bunch of kids playing outside. As I passed, few of the kids yelled "Hello" to me, as they noticed a foreigner. As I responded in Japanese with konnichiwa, the kids got really excited, and all of them ran alongside the road, calling Hellos and konnichiwas to my direction. I'm not sure which one was more amused, me or the kids.

After walking around few couple of hours, I started walking back to the inn. At one residential area, I found strong Wi-Fi signal, so I hooked my phone skype client on the wifi. As I was chatting with my phone, I noticed that in the adjacent building, someone was checking me couple of times through the window. After few minutes, woman came out to talk to me. Apparently she was curious what a foreigner was doing middle of fishing village typing his phone. We chatted for maybe 20 minutes, and then I continued my walk towards the inn.

I was feeling to eat ramen that day, so at the minshuku, I asked for directions. They recommended me one place quite close, so I walked there. I had delicious ramen with pork meat in it. It was getting late, so I got back to minshuku, had nice relaxing bath and after watching tv for a while, it was time to go sleep.